“How are these cups compared to the ones from Starbucks, do they really color change?”

YES! They do change colors and are much better value for money than the super expensive Starbucks cups. In terms of quality, I would say they are better than the other ones you can get here on Amazon. I have bought many of these for my kids, gifts, and crafting projects and I love these funqyware cups more than any others.


“Are they dishwasher safe?”

Funqyware cups are TOP RACK dishwasher safe! You can choose to wash these cups, lids and straws in the top rack of the dishwasher, or hand wash.


“Can you pick your own saying?”

If you would like a statement that is not on featured currently, please feel free to contact us and we will shortlist it for our next product release!


“Are they BPA free?”

Funqyware cups are made of high quality plastic, food grade & BPA free!


“How tall are all these cups? 7.5 inch the tallest that will fit under my cappuccino/latte machine?”

Hey there! They are 6.9 inch from top to bottom, definitely fits your machine!


“Can I get 5 cups with the same phrase? We’re all boomers and we dislike the “woke” phrase”

Unfortunately no, we sell them as sets at this point of time. 🙁


“Can I put these in the freezer?”

Yes you can. After placing them in the freezer, they will change into their cold colors!